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Image of Neodymium Bar Magnet

Neodymium Bar Magnet


**Please note these magnets are slightly smaller than the ones I sold previously**

Neodymium bar magnet for use with magnetic polish.

Steps for use:
1. Apply a thin coat of magnetic polish (or you can use black or white as a base) and allow to dry.
2. Apply a second coat of magnetic polish and immediately hold the bar magnet slightly above the nail. Hold the magnet diagonally to produce a diagonal line (as in the photos below). Hold for approx 30 seconds to ensure the line will not fade after the magnet is removed. Once dry, repeat this step if necessary.
3. Add a layer of top coat and once again hold the bar magnet just above the nail for approx 30 seconds.

Image of Neodymium Bar Magnet Image of Neodymium Bar Magnet